Anatomy and Painting Practice

Ever since I was young I have really enjoyed being able to utilize the artistic talent I inherited from both sides of my family. I was always told by my art teachers and family members that I would be a famous artist when I grew up. Of course now I realize that all that talent is a complete waste without dedication and hard work. These things are supplemented by training and resources, but both of these are ever at our fingertips in this day and age. All I really need is the time and effort.

So I decided to brush up on some anatomy. I imagine anyone trying to become proficient in rending the human form would require years of study. I just made a couple of illustrations to begin practicing.

male_anatomy beaten_soul

The main issue I seem to be battling with in my illustrations right now is my lack of patience. I often race to finish my work. Possibly because I want to see the idea in my head fleshed out in front of me ASAP, or even more likely because I have  conditioned myself to produce results quickly. I could blame the deadlines I’m often under at work as the main culprit, but my professors always said a good designer thrived under deadlines and considered every detail. It may be that the lesson is to slow down and perfect the process before attempting to hasten its application.

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