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I remember all those drawing classes I took in college that drilled me on how trying to give a description of what drawing is just leads you in circles so you never get anywhere… oh illustration? Yeah this is stuff I made with my hands, wait… damnit!

More Studies and Gestures

More practice.

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Gesture Drawing and Tiny Studies

Trying out some new exercises in illustration, focusing on improving my drawing as a habit and hopefully that will have benefits across the board!

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Digital Painting and Tutorials

More illustration with some before and after the use of tutorials.

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Anatomy and Painting Practice

Making some effort to improve my understanding of some of the basics of illustration and anatomy. Much rambling inside.

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Social Media Illustration

Kickin’ my rear into gear and doing some social media for myself. But I can’t have them looking like I just hit the accept terms button!

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Old Illustrations

The best of my daily illustrations from a little over a year ago.

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