Gesture Drawing and Tiny Studies

Smashing my head against the wall trying to continue with illustration. Turning it into a habit has been difficult! I have taken a lot of the advice that Matt Kohr offers on his website I’ve been rather unsatisfied with much of what I’ve been able to do even though I’ve only recently received my medium size Intuous Pro. Which, in my mind, was a substantial upgrade over the small Bamboo tablet I used to have. In many ways it is superior but it didn’t suddenly make me 100% better than I used to be. So I’m just trying to get into the habit of drawing and practicing the basics.

For this post I’ve completed a few of the exercises that Matt recommends for beginners on his website. Even though I feel pretty adept at painting with Photoshop and using my tablet all the the free videos he offers on his website, and I mean all, have given me a bit of insight that has improved my process. The two exercises I picked where gestural drawing (in this case figures) and tiny studies of landscapes. These exercises are to help with my understanding of color and to practice really polishing each step of an illustration before moving on to greater detail.






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