Sparky’s Sausages

This is a project I had been working on for some time, and it has since fallen among the other projects I probably will not have time to completely finish. I am particularly fond of the logo and some of the illustrations I’ve come up with for the project though so I thought I’d share. The idea for the company came from learning about the vibrant food truck culture here in Minneapolis.

Company Profile: Sparky’s Sausages

A food truck that offers a variety of cured meats and sausages with an emphasis on spicier fair. Sparky’s Sausages aspires to be a food truck that its customers can’t help but to track down wherever they may be. The design plays off this desire of”Catching Sparky” by using a logo and illustrative elements. The design is modern while bringing its own attitude and style to the food truck world.

Here are some notes and sketches that I started from:

Sparkys_sketch01 Sparkys_sketch02

From there I created the logo. I was torn from using word mark or a more graphical treatment – ended up somewhere in the middle.


From there I used one of the great mockups I found from a post I made last year. I also chose to use 3 different fonts, which I often try to avoid. In this case I used Ostrich Sans for the main headers for a modern look, Troika for the subheaders, and DejaVu Serif for the body copy. I would normally shy away from using 3 different fonts, but in this case it seemed to work. Troika was a bit too big and bulky to be used in larger font sizes but still perfectly represented the brands character and both fonts contrast and pair nicely with the serif font.



The largest part of this project that will remain undone is the website. Where I planned to include a particular emphasis on the location of the truck by featuring a custom Google map that showed the trucks currently location via GPS and played of the idea that it was a marker on a dog collar tracker. All in all it was a fun project and maybe I’ll have the chance to revisit it in the future.

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